Russian Maritime Borders will be guarded by Robots

Like the Neato Signature Pro guards your living room, because it is definitely the perfect roomba alternative, soon the maritime borders of Russia will also be guarded by Robots.

Wars often produce technological leaps forward that otherwise would not happen for decades. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have resulted in a robotic arms race among countries throughout the globe.

Russian efforts in the robotic field have been in the news recently. Russia is keenly interested in protecting her maritime borders. Prime Minister Putin has even been photographed inside a submersible recently. The Russian Navy is developing robot drones for use in their latest submarines that would be released and used as a decoy while the sub evades enemy radar.

Other Russian undersea robots are being deployed by the Russian forces to support offshore oilrigs and Artic operations according to a report by the Deputy General Director of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects. These units will have the capability, according to the reports, to protect offshore infrastructure along the Russian coastlines. They will work as submersibles that will travel through the water or along the seabed.

Different types of robots are being manufactured for other maritime uses. These include unmanned search and rescue units to be deployed along the borders and elsewhere. The robots are specially designed to withstand the rigors of the cold Artic waters in Russia’s north. Russia has been particularly aggressive recently in statements regarding claims to Artic areas. The oil and mineral rich areas will require maritime protection and robots are being developed to do part of the job.

Media outlets recently led with headlines, “Robots Guard Russian Maritime Borders.” The Russians publically announced a robotic submarine is under development. The submarine, according to official reports, will be used to patrol the maritime borders of Russia to protect Russia from any foreign incursions into their territorial waters.

The border security robot is being developed by the Institute of Marine Technology, part of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The robot ostensibly will be able to detect foreign objects underwater and can patrol up and down coastlines. The exact coordinates of the object will then be transmitted to operators.

One of the features includes quiet or low noise operation which is a technology used currently on the most modern undersea craft deployed by Russian, the United States, and other world powers.

The location of the construction site is in the Russian Primorive region. This region is in the far east of Russia by the Sea of Japan.

This reason for testing or deploying the units here may be due to the Russian and Japan disputes in the region as well as Chinese claims. The Russians too seemingly do not want to appear less technologically advanced than other world powers. The timing of the announcement on the new submersible corresponded to when the Chinese announced the deployment of their newest advanced aircraft carrier.

There are no specifics on any armaments or offensive capabilities of these robots under development. The photographs show what looks like an ordinary submarine shaped like a fat torpedo being lowered into the waters by a Russian trawler.

It appears as though the technology fairly far along and obviously is in some sort of testing phase.

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