Russian Maritime Borders will be guarded by Robots

Like the Neato Signature Pro guards your living room, because it is definitely the perfect roomba alternative, soon the maritime borders of Russia will also be guarded by Robots.

Wars often produce technological leaps forward that otherwise would not happen for decades. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have resulted in a robotic arms race among countries throughout the globe.

Russian efforts in the robotic field have been in the news recently. Russia is keenly interested in protecting her maritime borders. Prime Minister Putin has even been photographed inside a submersible recently. The Russian Navy is developing robot drones for use in their latest submarines that would be released and used as a decoy while the sub evades enemy radar.

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The Evolution Of the Marine Corps Drone Is Coming

The K-MAX unmanned helicopter was a very popular weapon used by many American military members in Afghanistan around 2011. This was used to haul cargo from one spot to the next. It was used for years, a total that is impressive given that it was intended to be available for just a few months in a trial state.

Today the K-MAX, which was specifically used by the Marines, could be coming to the public market. This is because Kaman Aerospace, the company responsible for making the drone, is reopening production on K-MAX models.

The first edition will be a single-seat model that will be piloted by individual people. This is especially expected to be made available to fire departments in the western United States that need help with fighting massive fires. Various demos are expected to be held to showcase the immense power of the drone and to display just how efficient and useful it can be when taking care of fires.

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Robotic Swans to check water pollution

When you see a swan gliding across the water, your mind is automatically reminded of grandeur and grace. They are a symbol of beauty everlasting, often associated with alluring princesses and fairy tale romances. However, if recent experimental creations are anything to go by, swans will soon be associated with much more than mere tales of fantasy. They will surpass their role as a symbol of elegance to become a symbol of environmental change by measuring the level of water pollution in various regions across Singapore.

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